The "All-in-one" concept is implemented by having a dive computer, a compass, a text communication unit, a dive logger and of course - the SOS and homing unit.
The Boat Unit is optional. You can communicate among divers (14 on the same network) with no need to use a Boat Unit.
The Boat Unit allows a diver to communicate with people above water as well as to navigate their way to the boat while using the homing tool.
When you receive a text message from your buddy or another UDI user, your UDI unit sounds an audible signal, and the message is automatically displayed.
The received message identifies the message sender, the depth of the diver sending the message, and the message.
UDI can be used to track an SOS beacon or a Homing beacon. The navigation is relational navigation.
A homing beacon transmits a homing signal on a specific network. An SOS beacon transmits a homing signal on all networks used with UDI. Navigation using the UDI can be done only while the diver or beacon are moving in relation to each other. In other words, the diver, the beacon, or both must be moving relatively.
· Battery Indicator – battery energy level.
· Buddy – name of buddy who will receive messages by default.
· Ceil – ceiling height for decompression stop. The minimum depth allowed while in decompression stop, in steps of 3 meters.
· Deco time – decompression time in minutes.
· Depth - current depth indicator indicates current depth.
· Dive time – duration of current dive, in minutes.
· Safe – indicates safety stop dept, between 3 - 6 meters.
· Stop – Indicates deep stop depth in a layer of 3 meters below the deep stop.
· EAN – enriched air Nitrox – indicates mixture percentage.
· Fly Time – The minimum time required prior to flying (in hours format HH:MM).
· Heading – heading direction in degrees from north.
· Mdepth – maximum depth achieved in current dive.
· Net – network used for communications.
· No Deco – the remaining time before getting into decompression situation, at the depth shown (in minutes).
· PO2 Depth – maximum depth allowed before oxygen toxicity related to the PPO2 pressure between 1.4 to 1.6 Atm.
· Safe time – safety stop time. Down counter from 3 minutes to zero.
· SIT – Surface Interval Time - Counting the time the diver is out of the water to be calculated until the next repetitive dive. When reaching 24 hours, the dive computer will start a new dive session (no Nitrogen residues)
· Surf Time – the minimum expected time to the surface, taking into account all needed stops, in minutes.
Yes. The UDI screen is backlit. The user can define whether they want it always ON or in increments of 5 sec.
For example: 5 sec, 10 sec, 15 sec etc.
No. All messages are pre-defined prior to the dive, on a PC.
At least one UDI in a group has to be downloaded with the messages, and this UDI can synchronize all others in the group (above water).